Dating 101... help?

I've been single for a year and a half, had my share of first dates but on Wednesday was the first time i came away excited from meeting someone.
We had a lot in common, spent the night laughing a lot. We went for drinks, played a bar game. We shared a kiss in said bar. We ended up back at his for an hour, where we listened to music had a lot more intense kissing but no sex. He had work the next day and our date had last much longer then planned so i decided to call it a night. When i left he said he would see me later but quickly corrected himself and said he would see me soon.

Immediately as i got in my taxi he text me what a laugh his night was and i reciprocated i enjoyed my evening. He text me the next morning, later that evening and the following day.

Since Friday night it has gone quiet but i've not text again assuming because it's the weekend we both had already advised we would be busy.

So my problems lies now i'm over thinking because i guess i'm scared i'm excited of meeting this man. Should I assume his contact has lessened over the weekend he is not interested?
Even though he has been engaging conversation first.

I would like to see him again should i put it out there that i would be up for meeting again if he would? instead of playing this guessing game (i'm 28 he is 30)

I've discussed it with my friends they have told me to be excited and to see what happens (i've been badly burned with guys before) I feel silly as it's only been one date but very rare do i feel a spark like i did and would like to see if it has potential to progress into a second date.


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  • Your nervousness if understandable. Text him that you're looking forward to seeing him again.

    • 3d

      I think since we both said we where busy on the weekend i should wait until after?

    • 3d

      Text him ASAP. Just add "when we both have time"

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