How can you bring back a spark?

I have a woman I love, she's everything to me, she has been for the past 5 years. We finally got together 4 months ago. We were both so happy. But 2 weeks ago we have started having issues. We fought more, a lot., after finding out she was pregnant And a week ago she told me it be best if we just remained friends, yesterday we had a heart to heart before we broke up. She smiled and told me this was the reason she fell in love with me. She needs the old me back. We're on a week or two break at the moment. In hopes the time away from me will help remind her of feelings of me, I'm so scared of losing her. I have given her time, messaging her just to say morning with no reply. So that's the only message I'll send her until she replies. How can I bring back this love for my love before it's too late? How can I reapark this fire before it's too late. I love her too much to lose her


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