Why are women so brutal at keeping relationship secrets involving a guy?

Why do some women (NOT ALL WOMEN) (before I get jumped on viciously) insist on sharing details about their relationship between a guy and herself with their friends and family that the guy would consider intensely private? Such as discussions held, dating mistakes made, and other things. Why do that?

(Please ... no freaking out on me...)


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  • It's to get feed back and different perspectives on how things went. It's hard to judge for yourself what someone might've thought or what was the meaning behind what he did etc. It's like rehashing events to make sure things are going normally. Though I must say, the only person I might discuss any of that with is my closest friend, never family.


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  • We do that because we want advice from those that care about us. It's difficult to explain, but I tend to do the same thing. I'm working on not doing that right now.

    • I'm not saying that women doing that is bad.

      What I am saying is that when you are dating a really good man,

      he would always be discreet about issues regarding the woman he is dating, likes or loves.

      For a woman to do the exact opposite is very confusing for a guy.

    • Confusing to the point that some of us *cough* even get insulted. Privacy is privacy. I've usually been incredibly lucky with my women, but I'm always scared shirtless when divulging anything to the fairer sex.

    • We don't do it to be confusing, we do it because we need advice on some things. Or we just need to TALK about it. Let people know how good we have it.

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  • never EVER trust a woman, EVER.

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