Girls: regarding online dating sites like, what are good things for guys to say in their profiles?

What are some things that are good to say and what things are big turn offs?

Do you think it is a turn on or a turn off for a guy to have a fairly demanding or restrictive list of things he is looking for in a girl, even if you meet all the criteria?

Would you think less of a guy who only is interested in slender women who are younger than he is?


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    I was only on for about three weeks before bailing. I didn't look at profiles that had self-edifying titles with regards to private body parts...Ugh! Some women may dig that, but not for me. I like more sophisticated, intelligent, clever and humorous men.

    If you have very specific desires, list them and don't settle for less.

    Don't worry about whether or not anyone else approves or not.

    It's your life and your happiness!

  • Just be honest, and try to spell things properly. Haha.


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