Should I be the rebound?

this guys has been going out with this girl for a bit over a year, and they broke up. my friend said that he liked me, so I decided to talk to him. when I was alone with him, he said he screwed up with his past relationship and he was obviously not over her. it didn't bother me, I kind of wanted them to back together. he also mentioned that he hates cheaters. so a few days ago after school, his was pissed off and had a bloody knuckle. i found out he was so upset because he felt like he could get a lot of girls, his ex lead him on, and cheated while they were together. when I asked what was wrong he didn't tell me, and just seemed to be focused on me, and flirting with me. its obvious I am his rebound, but should I pursue talking to him? or be friends?


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  • The drama and the idea of "saving him", of saving a vulnerable man may seem appealing, but you will just get hurt in the process. At best, you can let him know that you like him and could date, but that for that to happen, he'd have to MOVE ON, and this means: no emails, no text, no talking other than to say "I don't want to talk to you". If he can't abide by that, it's over.

    • soo, continue flirting with him and show interest, and when it gets to the point of dating (if it happens) then tell him straight up that he needs to get over her? wait what if he just flirting with me, just to get overher and has no interest in dating me :o so how can I tell the difference?

    • You can't read minds. Accept it. So you take a chance either way. Keep in mind there are many men around here who would be interested in you and who don't have baggage to bring to a relationship. A man who is not over is ex might as well still be in that relationship...

      Id say it depends on your view of sex. Would you feel bad if you ended up sleeping with him and it went nowhere? Or would you just enjoy the good memories, learn from the bad ones and move on?

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  • Be his friend you know Ur the rebound which is is worse I don't deserve that