He wants to hook up with me but I want to date him?

He doesn't know that though. I hate it, because I NEVER go for guys that want to just mess around. I have these feelings for him and they won't go away! Its like I want to hook up with him but I know I shouldn't because that's all he wants. I did just tell him I don't mess around that I'm a relationship type of girl and he was like o OK whatever bye. Ugh yes he is a douche! And I have feelings for him! I can't stand it. I work with this guy to so its like so hard.

What do I do? My body says yes but my brains like don't you'll regret it! god this has never happened before. Usually I'm like nope sorry I'm not that kind of girl and walk away and don't look back.

What do I do?


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  • Wow, you deserve props for figuring this out. You are attracted to him because he shows the qualities women want.

    You know how "men are superficial" because they are mostly attracted to female physical traits? Good looks?

    Well females are "superficial" (although this isn't the right word) because they are attracted to male traits that I could basically write a checklist of. Such as: Humor, not caring about you, being confident, being socially intuitive, being a leader. So as long as he has those qualities or can fake them (easy), you may be strongly and uncontrollably attracted to him. The problem though is that these qualities may bring you absolutely nothing because guys who have them usually have various female options. So yeah, unless you are a very sexual girl who can have sex with him, enjoy it, protect yourself (pregnancy AND STD), and get some fun out of it... you gotta be strong and forget about it. Because he will NEVER be there for you. So either be ready to do it just for the fun of it, knowing that you are nothing significant to him, or do your best to move on. A great way to move on, by the way, is to simply ignore all contact with him.

    I mean, imagine you were married with a nice man, and you realized that you had these feelings for someone out of your marriage. What would you do? Would you discuss with the outsider how you are married and sorry sorry sorry I can't do this! But let's just be friends? HELL NO! If you would be a loyal wife, you'd just block his email, block his text/phone. Ignore him if you meet him. That's it.

    So make your decision. If he is not what you want as part of your life, block him out completely. If ever you are FORCED to talk to him, make it very clear that you don't want to talk to him. No explanation is needed. Just block him out. That part of the problem will be solved. The rest will be just about you forgetting him and this can be done most easily by meeting lots of men until you find someone with whom you feel the right things with.


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  • Dont give in girl..think with Ur brain

    He just wants to hit it and quit it

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