He deleted his dating profile?

I have recently met a guy online whom I have been talking to for some time, and am pretty interested in. Any way we have as of yet met (and are planning a trip to meet soon).

However, this morning I noticed he deleted his dating profile. I can't imagine that someone would do that for someone that they as of yet had not met. Should I just ask him about it, and if he is still on the market or not?


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  • Yeah, I'm in a very very similar situation to your guy and I'm about to delete mine because they'll charge me again in 3 days, and I decided ages ago I wasn't going to pay again.

    • Well this is a non-paying site. I know he had not been on in a while before that though. I am likely just being insecure.

    • There you go. Don't worry about it. He could have though he'd better delete his profile because you two are planning to meet.

  • Perhaps he just got tired of paying.

    I wouldn't mention it. Go on your date and enjoy yourself.


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