Should I text him something or wait and see if he will ever text me?

there is this guy I used to work with the I really like and haven't seen/talked to since September.

I think he liked me:

-caught him watching me

-always held doors open for me/helped me out

-shared some private thoughts with me

-told me his mom would like me

-defended me when people were talking behind my back

We were always laughing and having fun at work. I miss him. I know he was self-conscious about the way he looked even though I thought he was cute :)

He did tell me once that he didn't like me like that and just liked working with me, but why would he always watch me and take care of me. Plus, he called me cute a few times because of things I did and would always call me silly.


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  • maybe he's a genuinely sweet guy. in my opinion, you shouldn't read too much into it...girls have a habit of doing that. if he likes you, then he'll text you first. if not, forget it. simple as that :)

    • i texted him... he isn't a nice guy. it was basically a total flop but I'm glad I sent him something because now I can stop thinking what if. thanks for you help!

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