After a great first date, why didn't he kiss me?

An old friend I knew from High School just started talking again the other day. It lead to great conversations and talking all day long. The other day he asked me out. I said, "aren't we taking quite a leap of faith here." Because we had just started talking again and I just got out of a four year relationship. His response was, "Don't leap just jump." Lol =] Anyways last night he picked me up and we went out. Had great conversation for four hours, talked over our similar taste in music and before I knew it I was in my driveway. I didn't know what to do other than thank him for a great night out and to tell him I will see him around. He said the same, I waited a good thirty seconds until I jumped out of the truck and walked to the door. Now I need to know what he's thinking. All night my mind was on, "Why didn't he kiss me, he had the chance?" So.. I texted him. I couldn't take it anymore. I asked him, "Do you still like me or would you like to be friends?"

His response was, "Whatever you want." In return I said, "What does my opinion have to do with YOU liking me, lol." then he said, "Yes I still like you." and asked if I liked him. Of course I said yes!

So, back to why he didn't kiss me!

Was it because he was trying to be a gentleman?

Was he to scared to do so?

Is he just taking things really slow?

Does he like me, but isn't ready to connect in that way?


Is there a possibility he lied about liking me and didn't just want to break it to me over text?

Any response back would be wonderful && thank you's :)

-Trisha Lynn

He does know that I just got out of a four year relationship four months ago.

He also knows that I was engaged and had a miscarriage with identical twins to the man I was with for four years. I don't hide anything and I'm pretty blunt about everything.
So, he said he's old fashion and that he's not trying to put any signs out.

Now he says, "maybe we jumped too fast" because we still have to get to know each other more.. I'm lost and in a way hurt. This was his idea?


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  • i think he's trying to be nice and give you the opportunity to decide what you want. I don't know if he knows you just got out of a long relationship, but I'm sure he sensed that you were hesitant about going out with him because of the whole "leap of faith" comment.

    and by the way, you don't HAVE to end a great date with a kiss.. it doesn't mean he doesn't like you, maybe it just didn't feel romantic enough one date.. he probably wants to take things slow.. this guy I'm dating, we knew that we liked each other for like over a month, but he didn't kiss me till the 5th date, because he was shy and he really liked me as a person and didn't want to ruin a friendship, and he just wasn't completely sure about our future together so he didn't want to jump into things too quickly.

    dont think he's lying to you about liking you though


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  • He is taking his time, guys won't jump straight away. he probably didn't want to sound to forward given the situation. Take it slow, see how another few ates pan can't make decisions on first dates very easily. (believe me, I've been there) xx

  • He doesn't want to rush things. He might have questioned whether or not you wanted him to kiss you. He probably decided he'd rather risk you having wanted him to kiss you than you being like omg woah slow down there bucko type deal

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