One of my friends kissed another girl?

Okay so one of my guy friends broke up with kiss Girlfriend like 3 months ago because he kisses another girl... When asked by another guy like "Why? Was your girlfriend like not hot?"

He said "No, no she's pretty."

So I'm wondering why'd he kiss this other girl, I know the ex wasn't annoying, and he's not with this other why? THANKS!


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  • cus boys are dumb. that's why they're called boys.

    • Well yeah, boys suck sometimes, but I don't think I would call them dumb, its not all their fault its the hormones... Thanks!

    • hahaha you are very right. I'm sorry if my cynacism prevented me from helping solve your dilema

    • Hahaha that's completely okay... LOL

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  • He may had been caught in the moment of things. Guys don't usually think things through.

    • Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Because it just seems like if their girlfriend isn't there and there is a really pretty girl some guys just go for it, so yeah... Thanks!