Chicas: Would you find it weird if a 23 year old guy has never kissed somebody before?

He's fooled around, but no kissing...?


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  • I'm 23 too. Honestly, this is probably not what you wish to hear, but HONESTLY, I do think it's a bit weird, maybe I'd use a better word, 'uncommon'...but I don't know anyone at our age who never kissed anyone...of course many people never had boyfriend/girlfriend or have little experience, but a 23 years old guy who never kissed it's really surprising.

    Notice that I don't think there's nothing ''wrong'' with you, it's not bad or wrong, it's just really uncommon...and I think you never kissed anyone because you're probably shy and a closed person, if so, just try to work on it...and Good Luck!

    • Thanks for your honesty. You were blunt, but not scathing or harmful. Now, it looks like I was embarrassed over the exaggerated impact I thought it had. Maybe it's not a deal breaker after all...

      You also hit the shy nail on the head.

      Thanks again for your insight : )

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  • hmmm...are you saving your kisses for someone special? :)

    • Nah, was just focused on fixing myself. Felt I had to be ready before even thinking about getting a gf.

    • a worthy cause then. don't think its weird at all :)

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