Guys: Do you ever wait for a girl to call you?

I know girls wait for guys to call or text them, because it somehow means that there interested and really like you.

But do guys ever do the same thing?

I mean isn't it much for a guy to be the first one to make contact all (or the majority) of the time.

Some of my girl friends wait around for a guy to make the first call of the day, and if it never comes they get all mad and pouty.

I thought it would be funny if the guy was doing the same thing by waiting around for her to call...ha


but yes so how about it guys. Do you wait for a girl to call to see if SHE is interested?

Or is this just some silly girl thing



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  • Yeah if I'm usually the one to initiate contact then I'll wait for her to be the one to kick it off, via call/text/whatever. If a day or two goes by then I might cave, but really I think both people should be making an effort to initiate contact. However most people I know don't really wait around the phone or anything, that seems kind of clingy...


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  • Yes, I test "interestedness" the same way. But if I don't hear from a girl for a while I'll just initiate cintact because I want to talk to her

  • not this guy.. that just seems weird to me.. I guess il never get a girlfriend lol

  • Well, yes sometimes I wait her to call me! I mean, it's normal as it is normal for me to call her.


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