Now two guys in the picture?

I have a guy friend that I recently met a few weeks ago. We hit it off right away and he's a very sweet guy(peter). I really would love to go out with him sometime but the problem is his friend(mike). I used to have a crush on mikey but that's behind us now and we became friends again. Mike really didn't like me liking him so he ignored me for a very loooong time even though we work together.

VERY recently(5 days maybe) to the present, mike has been very rude to me once again and is acting just like when I liked him before. He's ignoring me and saying rude comments to me. He even told his friend not to talk to me. I really don't want mike to interfere with peter and I. Is there something I can do to help this situation? I don't want peter being turned off because what stupied mike says. Thank you for your opinions guys, its much apprichiated.


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  • Why care about Mike (or whatever he says) if you're dating Peter? Obviously, Mike really isn't into you so leave it at that. On a side note, I had to laugh because my brother's name is Mike and my name is Peter. I wouldn't happen to know you, would I? :)

    • Lol!! no I don't think so.

      thats hilarious!

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  • Seems to me like Mike might be jealous? Maybe Mike just wanted your attention in the first place.

    But if this is the case, who will you choose? Mike, or Peter?

    If you're not comfortable with flat-out asking Mike what his deal is, then I'd just ignore HIM back. Focus on Peter, and making it happen, if you feel it should. If Peter really does want you, then he'll learn about you on his own accord, and not believe everything Mike is feeding him.

    I wish you luck!

    • Amazing perspective. Thanks gal!