What texting rules do you impose on yourself?

Everyone asks, how long should I wait to text, but we all probably have limits we set on ourselves.

What are some of your "Do's" and "Don'ts" of texting. After a first date? After a date that ends with sex? When the other person isn't texting first? When they don't reply? When they won't stop texting? When you don't want to appear desperate or needy?


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  • Disinterested in this wait three days junk when you first get a number... I text when I feel like it in that case

    After a first date always to say thankyou the next day

    After a date that ends in sex... wait for them to text LOL

    When they aren't texting first I just try and leave it a bit. If theyre still replying I don't loook into it too much though

    When they won't reply... I delete the number

    When they won't stop teexting... I just try not to reply too fast ahaha

    I guess overall I'm all for texting when you want to text, so long as you don't keep doing it without a response... THATS when you appear needy


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  • I text when I want to text, and I don't keep pestering if I don't get a reply. Simple as that.

  • Rule 1: Don't do it. TALK for pete sake.


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  • after exchanging numbers I always wait for the guy to text me first.you don't sound desperate by texting/calling first, its the guy. after a date they usually kno how they feel about you, because every second your being judge on alot:

    *if your worth a second date

    *can he see himself dating you

    *are you a long time relationship girl, or one nighter


    you should know what you want out of him too.sometimes the guy won't text you because he's testing you to see if you'll text him. if your date ends with sex, its a 50% chance for everything.he could be done with you(one nighter). lol or maybe the sex was great and that could mean something to him and he'll want to see you again ! don't jump to conclusions if you text him and he doesn't respond.he might notcie the txt, but won't respond till later because he wants to give you his undivided attention(you can tell if he recieved the text & etc. with blackberrys).if he won't stop texting you, he might have feelings for you.sooo if you don't feel the same way, try to talk to him about it.be careful because you might hurt his feelings, but don't lead him on to something that will never happen.

    im only 16 so obviously my dates don't end in sex lol.but I like to space out the sexual things so it keeps him guessing..

    this might be alittle confusing, but I hope it helps. goood luck !

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