Is there a name that always make you stop whatever you are doing when it's mentioned?

And what happened that makes you do that?

Amazing that all 3 answers are about very NEGATIVE experiences (and one of the answerers has blocked me for asking the question!)


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  • There are two names that get my attention. One's an ex, one isn't. The ex's name usually gets my attention just to see if it's the same person that I'm thinking of. It's more curiosity than anything else (she and I were engaged, so she was a little more than just a summer fling).

    The other name, obviously, isn't an ex. She's a girl that I love very much. Her name stops me not only to hear about her, but also to make sure that bad things aren't being said about her (and if it is bad, to make note of the offender, so I can kill him later).

    • Killing is a little overreacting, I think! But I think many of us have that sort of feeling about someone we don't even know that well.

    • I meant it metaphorically. And for the most part, no, I don't have that feeling about people in general. If Person A badmouths Person B, I generally chalk it up to them just not liking each other. Just because they're both my friends, nothing says they have to be each others' friend, too. This one girl, however, I get very defensive about.

      Don't know if it's good or bad, but it's who I am.

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  • Mine, because whoever called it has my attention = )

    • How was what I said negative? It's just the truth. If someone were to call your name, odds are you'd look up.

    • You know the question isn't about your own name, for crying out loud!

    • Lol, you didn't specify that at all. It's fine w/e.

  • Michael. The name of the guy that ruined my life.

  • Andrea, because I hate that dumb bitch


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