What do younger girls think about dating an older guy?

I'm 30 and the girl I'm dating is 22. What do you girls think about dating older guys? The reason I ask, is because I thought that I would be turned down when I revealed my age and was surprised when I wasn't.


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  • 8 years difference is not such a big issue anymore...especially when you think about you both in about 5 years time? With 22 she could be still very childish like (only talking about what next party she could go to, what should she wear etc) but at the same time she could be kind of like more grown up (knows where the money comes from, has a job-goal in front of her etc.)

    If she's more of the second type of a 22yr old woman than she might think that guys in her age are just not serious enough. She probably looks for something more serious; not necessarily thinking about a big fairytale wedding in a month but a relationship where she knows that you'd be there for her when she needs you. Maybe she feels more comfortable with a guy more grown up.

    If she's more of the first type of a 22yr old woman than it might be because she wants to show off with you in front of her girls that she is "cool" enough to "handle" a 30yr old guy. So if that WOULD be the case, I'd ask you: would you like to play along?

    • I'd say she's a combination of the two. She works really hard and realizes the importance of having and accomplishing life goals. But at the same time, she is also someone that is what you describe as childish. I wouldn't mind at all if she trying to be the cool girl in the group that can handle an older guy. I guess you can say that I could play along

    • As long as you are happy with it, it's absolutely cool!

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  • I don't think age is important, I've dated a lot of men older than me.

  • Most of my friends consider your age okay. Maybe a bit old but still okay. I'm pretty good at guessing someone's age and I'd never go for someone so much older than me.


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