Dating issues because of a tattoo?

This guy and I have been talking/ going on dates for a while now, but I can't seem to be fully into the relationship (label and all). I honestly think it's because of his big-ass tattoo on his back (as bad as that sounds).

I have NO problem with people getting tattoos, but I do have a problem with people getting tattoos with no meaning behind it; kind of like someone getting a tattoo "just because".

He has a tattoo of a big cross on his back. I believe in God, so it's no big deal; but he doesn't exactly know what he believes in - so why would you get a cross TATTOOED on his own back when he's not sure of his beliefs? It gets me every time.

Yes, it's just a tattoo, but people should know what they want, you know? Please let me know 1) what your viewpoint is on tattoos, 2) if this is really a big deal, and 3) advice on the next steps I should take in this relationship?



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  • I find it really depends on the tattoo, where it is and what it means to the person. Some people, as you have said, simply get tattoos because they're the "cool" thing to do now. I don't think I could date someone like that.

    However, the important thing is YOUR point of view because you're the one potentially dating this guy, not me. If this is always in your mind every time you hangout with this guy then I'd suggest it's not meant to be.

  • hate em


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