Anybody dated a Mama's Boy / Daddy's Girl?

If so, how did it turn out? How did you deal with them being so close to their mom/dad/or family in general?


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  • I'm married to a mama's boy. The good thing is, he doesn't wanna be her mama's boy, but she sure tries damn hard to have it be that way, which it actually makes it harder. She can't stand the fact that I come first. And whenever she calls me, she hates if I've talked to my husband twice this week and she hasn't hear from him in a moth (he's in the Army and currently deployed). She's quite the alcoholic, so she'll call me drunk and bitch and cry about how her son (who isn't even her biological son btw, his mom died after he was born and his dad re-married asap so she raised him from 4 months) doesn't even call his own mother. I tried, very nicely, to explain to her that I'm his first priority now, but that doesn't mean he loves her any less. I'm definitely not the type to confront, and I usually walk away because I hate it all together. But, then she started in about how THEY should be notified first if anything happens to him, which then really pissed me off and I hung up on her. That's not the first time she's insulted me. When I was pregnant last year, but had a miscarriage, she told me she prayed I had the miscarriage because we weren't ready for a child. I can deal with him being really close to his father, that's all he had growing up since his mom was awful to them. But her, she wants so desperately for him to be some kind of mama's boy, and he refuses, so she tries even harder, no matter who she has to hurt in the process. I know one of these days I'm gonna have to lay down the law for her, BEFORE we have kids. Or else she will try to control that too. Thank God we're two states away!

  • omg!

    i had that problem.

    but mine was really bad.

    wen we would go out on dates his mom would come with us.

    I didn't want to even say anything she was always lyk right there.

    So I tlked to him on the fone which was the only place his mom wasnt there and I asked him if he could not bring his mom on every day and he was lyk ok, I guess I wnt.

    I htought it would b fine but then alls he did was tlk bout her so I finnalyl had to break-up with him I mean their was no way to get out of it.

    Just tlk to him nd see wats more important to him. You or his mom or You or his dad whichever it is

    • Wow what he brought his mom on your dates? what is he 9 years old?

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