Why can't he just be a man and say something?

This guy is seriously pissing me off he is being rude and I don't understand why. He is so shy around me and stares at me when I talk to my friends but when I go up to him and talk to him he is just AH! In class I asked him to work with me and a friend and he smiled a bit and I introduced them and he smiled a bit then he got quiet and shy again. When ever we made eye contact he looked away immediately. It was just too tense. My friend said he acted like we used to date and broke up. Then he ran out the room fast with a friend and didn't say bye. I honestly don't know what to do I feel like I should just give up! Advice boys please!


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  • he is a virgin ok...lol..he doesn't know what to do...and the fact that you are interested too he gets excited but he has not been programmed how to handle the situation, because he doesn't have much experience I guess. Talk to the guy when there is no one around he might open up if not then he still has much to learn... then send one of your friends to see if he likes you...if not then ignore him.

    • Lol I don't know about the virgin part, he seems pretty comfortable around other girls, but I don't know if he was shy with them at first either. Sometimes I feel like this shy guy routine is an act since he knows I like him, and judging from his facebook he had a girl stay over his apartment and she seems obsessed and really happy about him so that could mean that he's not a virgin... right? Also, when I added him on fb he instantly added me and wrote "Hello, you found me :)"

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    • lmao I figure my first instinct is always right and agreed. I really don't want to be like this girl she looks ridiculous and its pathetic. I know I am stronger than that. Thank you much appreciated!

    • Your welcome :)

  • Sounds like he's just really really REALLY shy. so the way he acts will seem rude but really it seems like he's interested in you but he's so shy he doesn't know how to act around you.

    Best way to deal with this is just try your hardest to not let it bother you, and ignore things that annoy you.

    • How do I get him to loosen up around me though. And he's very extroverted with other girls who are prettier also I don't get it. I feel like he may know I am into him.

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