Who would you rather date?

who would you rather date?

  • A girl who has a amazing personality and not the best body/face
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  • A girl who has a terrible personality and has a super hot body/face
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Date: A

    Hook up with: B

    As I've said before, looks will get my attention, personality will keep it.


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What Guys Said 4

  • A, no contest. Amazing personality is just so appealing to me. So much so that appearances don't factor.

  • A. B would just be a waste of time unless all I want is sex.

  • B ...sorry I'm not going with the fairy tale anwser

  • Yea sorry B. It's kinda like Angelina Jolie vs.Oprah Winfrey. Stimulate my d*** not my mind please.


What Girls Said 1

  • :LOL if ever I'm a guy I will choose "A" because what's the use of being pretty if she don't have great personality ...yeah she's pretty but she's dumb,not professional and not intelligent it makes me turn off,sometimes people are blind because of Physical appearance they choose that type of girl just to show to their friends that they had a hot girlfriend lol well for me its not about the Physical appearance its about the "sense" of a person... :P

    • :I understand guys are more on Visual lol... but if she's dumb the conversation is boring lol

    • You're right, we are more visual, but that really only means that we notice looks before personality, not that we totally ignore personality. Some of us, anyway. There are guys that really do only want sex, so they'll only go for the hottest girls. But those types of guys are around for the GIRLS who just want to sleep around.

      I don't think I'd be capable of dating somebody just for their looks. If I just wanted sex I'd find a FWB. If I wanted to date, average looks with a personality wins.

    • :heheh well if that person wants for fun only then that's another issue lol :)) but ofcourse I can't blame guys if that's what they want maybe they are not responsible enough to be serious etc...

      AVerage looks will do even if below average lol as long as she has a great personality etc..

      Well it seems your cool lol thanks for the comment :))

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