They are dating for more than 15 years, yet they don't live together?

My mom and her boyfriend have been dating for more than 15 years, that's a long time right? At that rate, they should at least live together right? Nope, they don't live together, his daughter barely knows about her and get this, he still hasn't told his parents about her. I've confronted my mother a few days ago to why he hasn't told his parents and she said it was because they were racist and wouldn't welcome her. I remember as a kid her saying that they could only go out in a certain area so no one could see them together. Like, WTF? He's a grown man, in his 50's, he had so many years to have the morals to tell them "hey, this is who I'm dating and you'll be respectful of her because she's the woman I love.", he should stand up to his parents, right? Also don't understand the part about not living together. 15 years!!! I don't know if I'm wrong by thinking like this so I'm asking your opinion: Do you think it's understandable that he acts this way and I'm wrong or he should act like a grown up and assume her as his woman and live together?
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  • Best I can tell you is leave like they want. If the 2 of them are happy with the way things are going. Then let it be.

    • I can understand that but it's my mom, I just want what's best for her.

  • If they have been like this for 15 years and your the only 1 with this issue they are doing fine ever hear the thing that all relationships are differnt

    • I completely understand that, it's just she depends on him very much and I think it would be best for her for them to live together so she can spend more time with him. Sometimes just because a person doesn't complain it doesn't mean they are happy

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    • Again that's for her to work out right now you are going off the assumption that she is not happy she is a adult he is responsible for her happiness if you get involved here there is more a chance off you damaging there relationship them helping your mum

    • Ok, I get it. Thank you for your opinion

  • They could be many factors. If they are happy in their relationship, who is anyone to judge.


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