Would you be ok with being the second choice of love to your partner?

I just watched us and them, a Chinese movie on Netflix.
He loved her, she was his first choice.
He married someone else, but he loved her first. She dumped him, because he didn't understand her.
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  • If your someone’s second choice, to me that implies there's no real love there. So in essence, your entire relationship is built on a lie. No matter how much they say they care, there would always be a hope that they could have that other person some day, and likely they’d jump at the chance. Even if they wouldn’t I feel like this sort of relationship would breed resentment on both sides, and ultimately make both individuals miserable. There’s a few things in which there is no room for second place, and love is one of them.

    • well they would jump at the chance, but the other person moved on. In the movie she told him that she loved him and he grabbed her hand taking her back to the hotel it seems to make love, but they meet someone in the lobby and then she says she doesn't want to go back to the hotel room and they end up renting a car and driving her back to her place. The point is, there might be a longing to be with number one but number one has understanding that they can't be together and has dumped them for a reason. He is with someone who is not his number one, but he is with someone and has a son with them.

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      He doesn't hate his wife, he wants a wife and kids. He just couldn't have his first choice so he is settling down. Doesn't show her much in the movie.

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      I’m not talking about a movie, I’m talking about what would likely happen in real life over time. Your question asked wether we would settle for being someone’s second choice in love, I have answered that to the best of my abilities and supplied the reasons why.

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  • Sure of the first guys dead !

    If the girl you're screwing right now isn't a virgin your second choice Period !!!

  • I'd rather not know...

  • Yes i would


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