First Date a success? Second Date?

I began deepening the friendship with a coworker by talking with her more at work and on FB, and then I helped she and some coworkers move (they bought a place together). Today during work I asked if she wanted to go out for coffee after work. She agreed and we did. I told her I'd buy the drink and did. She thanked me. We spent an hour talking work, moving place to place, friends, pets, and even some of our crazy family dynamics. Now we work near an amusement park and she recalled a time where I said I liked rides (that was way back when she was with ex. nice she remembered that talk) and said I'm her only friend who likes them, and we should go on rides some day. Felt pretty nice. Now I don't date much, and I wanted this to be a date or precursor to it, but I'm worried as to whether or not "Cindy" sees it as a date.

Now afterward I walked her to her car, and she said she had fun. I asked her if she liked a particular movie and she said yes. I told her I knew it was playing as a midnight revival screening one week from tonight. I asked if she'd like to go. She said that would be fun, but wanted to know ticket prices. She's 20 and I'm 23. I have a bit more disposable income. I looked it up and it was 9 bucks a ticket. Lame. I was wondering if maybe I said something like "I got the tickets, you pay for the snacks?". Also, she gets off work at 9 that night, so I should buy dinner, or offer we go dutch?

How do I tell if its a second date? Can I like reach out and try and hold her hand or something? I'm sort of inexperienced with this.


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  • Ask her if she wants to go on a second that I'm sure she will say yes

    • This question is over a year old and so much has happened since then. It didn't go anywhere, but we are friends still. Thanks for answering!

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