Why did he ask me about my virginity?

Why would he ask me if I am a virgin? Especially if he is my friend? It had been five years since I had talked to him and we started writing letters because he is so far away. His mom is friends with my mom and they have been friends for years. One of the things he asked me in his letter (his second letter to me) was if I was a virgin. He asked towards the end and said that he was just wondering. I don't know. He calls me baby girl and he said that I have grown into a beautiful girl. He has also called me pretty lady, beautiful, lovely lady. He has some pictures of me and he has even asked me for more. so why did he ask me about my virginity?


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  • He might like you.

    Also, it might just be that he is your friend and he feels comfortable asking you things like this. Remember, you are both going through the age where you have a lot of serious questions in your head, and not a lot of people that you feel comfortable talking to them about.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he ask you a lot of other personal questions like this, and like I said, there might be feelings behind it, or you might be the only person that he feels comfortable talking to about them.

    If you are still wondering though, ask him why he asked you.


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  • He seems like a nice boy who really likes you...if he calls you beautiful rather then hot and sexy it means you mean a lot to him.. I wouldn't let this one pass me up..go for it..