How would you feel about dating a girl who had been in therapy?

the reason for therapy shall remain unspecified.

just in general, would that change your opinion of her?

also, if you guys were dating for a while, would you want to know that she had gone to therapy or do you think it's her personal business?



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  • As a person whom have also gone in therapy ( also a lot deeper into the rabbit hole ) I don't think its something you should say the first time around. " I like walks in the park. puppies. Oh and I've been to therapy!" ofcourse if the guy is understanding and youve talked to him previously so he knows about the situation its a whole 'nother story! If its something important, like its therapy cause you don't like being touched and you're not "finished" then it might be important so the guy knows that you might feel insecure if he holds you in his arms or the likes.

    But no, Generall therapy that's done/finished/finito isn't important and its in the past now. I don't think you tell a guy you use to eat glue or throw sand at people when in the playground either. :)

    Dont worry miss! Hope it helps! Good luck!

    • lol thanks :) I guess its just me being insecure, but I really don't want to be perceived as damaged goods... I hope this guy I like has the same mindset as you.

  • 1. No, lots of people are in therapy and it says nothing about them, save that they look for help when they need it.

    2. I'd want to know if my partner were in therapy, mainly because I'd expect her to trust me enough to tell me that she was seeing a psychologist/counselor.

    • (1) that's a great way of looking at it :)

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