Was I in a rebound relationship? Did she really love me? Please give me some advice, thanks.

My ex fiancé left me and its really hard on me. I thinking she got back with her ex husband. He has been begging and crying to her that he can't sleep or eat cause he wants her and the kids back. Say, I want my family back. They were together for 10 years I guess there were high school sweethearts anyway two of the years he cheated on her, with a girl, guy and even her best friend. My ex fiancé would tell me she was never happy in the relationship and prayed to God to fine her a decent guy. So when we met she was happy because God answer her prayer. She notice that I was different. So we began emailing each first, then the phone calls and finally went on a date. We met in April of 2010 but she was living with her ex because she had no where to go. As time when on we go closer and closer. She would send emails saying that she really like me and was getting attach to me. By June 2010 she told me that she was in loved and wanted to be by my side. It was hard cause she was living with ex and no place to go However on September 2010 she finally left him and her and mother got a house together. So our relationship was official. We were in love and did things together; we even wanted to marry each other. She told her mother, sister and brothers that she was really happy and in love with me. So on October 2010 we got engaged and actually she picked the rings and she decided on the wedding date. We had our disagreements off and on but got fixed. On January 5th she broke off the engagement and told me to move on. She said she was not right for me and that I deserve better. Plus I put to much pressure on her about the wedding. Anyway I get the feeling she got back with her ex because of the begging and crying. He told her that he is going to join the military but in order to join they have to get married so the kids could get the benefits. However she is going to return my ring back and my other belongings but she is taking a long time. Its going on 5 weeks. But she did sent me a text asking me if I was happy and I said “yes”. Then I text her back if she was happy. She text back and said "I hope so. Sometimes I am not sure"

What does that mean? Do you think I was in a rebound relationship? Are things going to work out if she got back her ex? Do you think she still thinks of me? Please give me advice.


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  • Ouch! This sounds bad...honestly I do think you were her rebound. When she said "I hope so. Sometimes I am not sure" basically I think she feels bad for leaving you, she really did like/love you, but she has so much history with him plus children, that he is all she knows. I think she hopes she's doing the right thing. I'm sure she still thinks of you, but I honestly would try to move on. Its not fair what she has done to you, you deserve better. As far as them working out, I think there's a good possibility given they have children & the fact that she left him for certain reasons, he may change knowing she has and will leave him if he doesn't straighten out. Also the fact that they made it work for 10 years. This is sad, I wish I could say the opposite,but I'm sorry this has happened to you & I wish you the best!


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  • The one thing that is certain in all that is that she left you.

    There is no point in asking any further questions then that since she doesn't seem to be trying to get back with you.

    SO the best thing YOU can do is take care of yourself. And if she contacts you again think about long and hard before starting up again. As she already left you once she can leave you again.

    Personally, I have a rule about love. Those who betray love, the best thing to do is to forget them.