How do you hint to a guy you want to kiss him?

We ARE dating. BTW. Oh, and could you try not making them too blatantly obvious.


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  • Well I know for a fact that it is very hard for a guy to kiss a girl, IF the girl is his FIRST girlfriend. You could just go out for a walk take him to a dark alley or some dark place; that is usually the hint.


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  • Well, if you already know he wants to make the first move than pay attention so you don't miss it. That's all you need to do :)

    • btw, what is so disappointing about him wanting to make the first move?

    • Just because I really, REALLY want to kiss him...

    • Disappointing? People are different. I personally won't make the fist move. If he doesn't then he's the wrong guy for me.

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