Should I text her?

So last may, I had a thing for this girl (I will call her girl A to avoid confusion). The thing is that I started to pursue her too late (like 2 weeks left of the year) and we never saw each other over the summer. I kind of forgot about her and just moved on over summer.

At the beginning of this year girl A went out with a teammate of mine and they broke up within 2 or 3 months after that. While they were going out, my teammate would ask me to flex in front of her (which I thought was funny but also kind of weird but what ever).


Recently, the girl A has been giving me some signs that she is interested in me such as, giving me a high five for wearing the same sweatshirt as her, yelling my name across the classroom, saying hi to me in the halls (which she rarely did before).

ANOTHER girl (We will call her girl B) got my number and texted me anonymously and had me guess who it was as she gave clues. Me and her both thought it was fun and we have become friends.

So I was wondering if I should do the same thing with girl A and how I should start out. I got her number from a mutual "friendly" acquaintance. I am going to ask girl B whether or not I should do this and how I should start out. Or should I just do it the conventional way and ask her for her number, but that will not be as fun. I am posting this too get as many opinions since this is more risky than the conventional way and she could see it as creepy.

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  • I think you should just ask for her number because as you said she might find the other way a bit creepy...

    I personally dislike when people text me anonymously.


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  • Definitely ask her in person. She will appreciate it much more and you will feel more confident. Besides, chances are that she likes you if she keeps saying hi!


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