Guys, are you horrible when it comes to dating and communication?

So I've been dating a guy for a few weeks now and last weekend we were both sick and this week the weather has been crazy so we haven't gotten to hang out or what not...Well Friday I made a quick "Hey let's do something this weekend."

I know he had family stuff to do and said he'd keep me posted.

Now I'm not one to expect much from people (I know that might sound harsh but it keeps me from all the disappointments when someone falls through) so I wasn't expecting him to keep me posted at all.

But I was just wondering if that was a normal guy thing, because even though I wasn't expecting him to at least let me know what was going on it would have been nice to know he was still alive.

So gentlemen, be honest now are you that kind of guy or do you keep the girl your dating in the loop.

(I don't say girl friend because well because I'd expect the communication level with a girl friend to be at some what of a greater level then just with someone that your dating)

Or is there no difference for you?



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  • I tell her what's on my mind when it comes up. If I feel like calling, I call. If I want to get drinks with her, I say that. If I'm not feeling what's going on, I tell her that too.

    If dude doesn't feel like telling you what's going on, he has his reasons. Everybody has the rights to share and withhold information. You're still dating so you're aesthetically on the periphery of his life. Like a stranger with benefits.

    I don't lie, myself, but I don't tell everything either.


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  • I'm terrible with communicating to people who I'm not romantically interested in, so if I were to be dating someone I'd imagine that it would be just as bad.

    • So your lack of communication is due to lack of interest?

    • No, it's due to me not knowing how to communicate properly. I could have all the interest in the world for a girl, but if I don't know how to show it, how to "win" her, or stuff like that, then it doesn't mean much to anyone else including her.

    • ah I get it, totally makes sense.

  • I would say something. Some people just suck with communication.


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