Why did she call me?

This girl and I dated a while back, we split, became friends, I started to have those feelings again, I told her how I felt, and she didn't want a relationship. We haven't spoken/ texted/ anything since (about a month and a half ago). Then she called me this week, while I was at work (she knows my work schedule, I didn't pick up). So I called her back this weekend, and she acted like she didn't call me. This is really confusing, what the hell is going on here?


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  • Okay, well first off, the way a girl thinks is completely different than a guy. Girls may do some things only to see what reaction they will get. You won't ever really know WHY she called you, since you didn't pick up, and you probably won't ever know. She could have wanted to see how you were doing, catch up, or maybe she really didn't mean to call you. But from the way you said she acted when you called her back that weekend, I'm betting she meant to call you because you were on her mind. Girls are prideful creatures, and the reason she acted like she never called you was because you didn't answer her call at the time she called you. She probably felt a little rejected when you didn't pick up, and instead of acting normal or happy to hear from you when you called back, she went with an "I don't care" sort of attitude so she can maintain control over the relationship you guys have. Give it time, she'll more than likely make contact with you again. If you were on her mind at least once, you'll probably be on it again soon.

    • Okay that makes sense. Thanks for the insight. You are 100% correct in how we think differently. She did sound excited when I called her, but she got really nervous when I pointed out that I was just returning her call. Still no call back, not too upset about it, just a little confused. Does a woman's pride go so far, that she won't call me back? Does she think she is winning the mental war by not calling back? This is all very confusing. I don't know if I'm on good ground or not.

    • A woman's pride only goes so far, but since you said she sounded excited when you called her back, I'd say she's interested. She probably does think that by keeping you guessing she's winning the mental war, so let her win and call her again. Once she knows that you are returning the interest and won't reject her, her confidence will rise and she'll be more willing to flirt with you and talk. One of the things a girl values most is self image. She doesn't want to seem pressed over you that's all.

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