Why did he pick an uglier girl over me?

So I’ve had a crush on this guy for months. We work together. And I told a few of my coworkers about my crush on him. And they eventually told him.

He texted me after a couple months into my crush on him. Within those texts, he basically told me that we can just be friends. Which I accepted.

But then he ended up dating this other girl that we work with. So here’s what pretty much irked me about it. Everyone knew I had had a crush on him. And he went and dated some other girl.

Physically: she’s chubby. And I’m actually fit. And overall, I’m prettier than her. Some of my coworkers have told me also.
They’ve been dating for several months now and they recently told everyone that they’re expecting.
How could he chose someone like her when he could’ve had someone that was way prettier than her? I’m confused.
Why did he pick an uglier girl over me?
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