Any crazy random kissing stories?

Has anybody here ever been kissed (Lips, cheek, anywhere) randomly by someone you didn't know anywhere (at parties, gatherings, etc)? Stories like these can be interesting.

So yeah, do tell.

Do you find it amusing, or do you find it disgusting?


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  • Heres my first make out story...

    Me and this guy I really liked for awhile finally became boyfriend and girlfriend...

    It took awhile before we got to kiss each other though because our friends were constantly around. So one day after our school dance when no one was around, we went to the back of the school and we hugged for a really long time :) When we let go he bent down and kissed me! but I wanted more so I licked his bottom lip and he opened his mouth and it just happened :) He was sucking on my bottom was pretty hot & fun ;)

    Tips - DO NOT use tongue unless you were given access!

    - I don't no if I'm the only girl...but sucking a girls bottom lip is pretty hot :)

    Age - 14


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  • no but I think the next time I go to a party I will kiss three random guys, who look like they need some cheering up. Then they will tell stories about a cradom girl who kisse d at a party.

    have I been randomly kissed? no just awkwardly truth and dared to kiss when I was 8 a guy on the eybrow when he swermed and I kissed his lips. but besides that... nope,

    I haven't kissed a stanger.. yet.

  • Yeah, I was at my husband's sister's wedding, and one of her friends just came up and kissed me on the lips. It was at the reception, and she was super wasted.

  • Yeah at a New Years party a couple years ago. Some guy kissed me out of the blue, I didn't know him at all and it was gross lol.

  • i was kissed on top of the head by my boss which was weird on so many levels, but I have never been kissed for real

    • Your...boss? WTF?

      Yeah, crazy.

    • it sounds worse than it is. I have known him basically my whole life so we don't have a typical boss/employee relationship. but we don't have THAT kind of relationship either lol

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