Would you hate these dates? Guys, would you be mad at your girlfriend if she did this to you? (Girls can answer too)

So my boyfriend lives an hour away, and every weekend we see each other. One weekend he comes up here, and the next weekend I go over there, etc etc. Whenever we comes up here for our dates, I always have trouble figuring out something to do. It's difficult because I know that most activities involve money, and I know that he'll try to pay for us both, which will make me feel really really bad since I chose the date. (Plus, whenever we go down there, our dates normally involve having dinner with his parents, watching a movie at his house, or hanging out with his friends, so there is no money involved. Occasionally we go to coffee or dinner, and he will pay, but not very often.) I feel like out of courtesy I should be choosing dates that don't involve money, especially since he has a very low-paying job.

The thing is, most dates that don't involve money seem very...girly. For example, going on a picnic. Or volunteering. Or going on a walk. Or cooking dinner together. See what I mean? Guys, would you hate these dates? If so, what would you rather do? If not, why?

PS, sex doesn't count as a date, so please don't suggest that. hahaha


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  • I have to say no. In fact I have to say that by doing those things you can make him realize that you love him not for what he does or spend but for who he is. I'm sure he does appreciate that you do understand his financial situation, especially during our wonderful double deep recession a.k.a. Depression. Right now it is extremely hard for both guys and girls to get a good going relationship. Because no jobs or low paying jobs means no money or little, that means you have to get recreational. Walking is fine in fact it is healthy and romantic that's a good plus. Cooking that's a good thing to he can cook something for you you can cook something for him or you can both experiment for fun,


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  • Well, I personally would LOVE to take a girl out on a date to a picnic, or a walk. In fact, its been something that I have been wanting to do for quite a while. (Laying on the roof, watching the stars at night is a MUST.) Some guys have ego's that are just too big to want to admit that they would like to do things like this... So, my answer would be, keep doing it. But try dedicating a week or two just for you and your boyfriend (instead of involving friends) and make sure these dates aren't too repetitive, but instead add some 'flare'. Sometimes, friends would do nothing but prevent a guy from truly speaking his mind and/or making moves that he would be too shy to make in front of other people. It might take a couple of weeks to actually see the 'real' him. Hope this helps =D


  • If I'm with the girl I love, I don't care. And anything is enjoyable with a girl I love. Even if they are "girly." And if a guy makes fun of me for it, I shrug it off cause I'm not going to care about someone so immature and their comment. Now, I might joke like that with a friend, but he knows I'm joking and knows I think it's cool he's willing to do that for his girl.

    So don't worry about it, we guys like that stuff just cause of the company :) best to ask him though. He could tell you if he enjoys it truly or not better than us.


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