First date?

On Friday I have my first date. Well I have no idea how to go about a kiss. Or how to act on a first date. Any comments welcome.:)


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  • k I don't have that much experience either but I got some tried tips

    first of all first date is your chance to get to know the person outside the curriculum that you both are in, meaning if you work together you get to know him how he's like outside the work and so on.

    on the first date don't talk much about yourself, in the same time don't keep asking him lots of questions, if there's chemistry the talk will just flaw , so don't worry about it, when you feel like he's gonna stop talking mention something that you know that you have in common, like if he likes movies and you do to, be like oh new movies are coming out and stir the convo into the movies and stuff like that

    i have my own policy on kissing on first dates, tried it once he thought I was easy, but your guy may be different , so what I would suggest if you feel like its absolutely the right time for the kiss then look him into the eye don't talk may b bite on your lips then make them look kissable and wait for him, if you think like you need more time, just go in for a big hug and may b a little kiss on the cheek

    act like yourself, if he genuinely likes you , he's gonna like who you are

    good luck and tell me what happens ;)

    • We are friends now. I just don't want to ruin that by going to fast. have you ever gone out with your bestfriend?

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    • My date went great we have kissed and now we are boyfriend and girlfriend thxs to you

    • Awww that's sooooo great hun, I'm glad your both happy now, and glad I was a little bit of a help =)))))