I like him and he likes me .. but?

ok so here I goo

when I was 17 years old I dated this guy that was 28 .. so this is like 5 years ago cause I'm 22 years old now . we broke up cause of my age so I moved on and so did he . 2 years later we meet again . but I just got out of a relationship with a 2 week old baby .. he really liked me and wanted things to work but my feeling were all over the place cause I loved the father of my child ,

the father of my child I'm still with him the thing is he calls me bitch , slut every word in the book ... tells me to go f*** some other guy , get in a crush with my car .. then he says I'm sorry I was mad and you made me mad !

but this other guy treats me so good we did fight once we talk and laugh ! I just love him so much he is funn to be with ,

the thing is I have a boyfriend the father of my child and he has a girlfriend we are going out Friday afternoon .. and its been another 2 years I didn't see him and he told me he wouldn't tell his girlfriend cause we both have feelings ..

AND THE SEX IS ALWAYS GOOD he tells me every time and he has a song for me :P and he tells me he's always thinking about me .. maybe his my future I dunno I need help

me and the other didn't fight once :) and I fight all the time with my boyfriend . ohh and the other guy he has a girl friend too


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  • follow your heart. which one do you want to be with not considering naything else