My boyfriend of a year and a half was flirting with another girl via facebook...

I happened to look through his phone and find it on his facebook app that they were inbox messaging each other. I called him out on it and he said that it was harmless and they were just joking around. He wasn't pleased that I went through his phone and I almost regret that I did because it is making me jumpy and insecure knowing he was messaging some other girl. He knew this girl because she was married to a friend of his but they're getting a divorce. She also has a child. (My boyfriend said he would never date anyone who had kids; he just doesn't want to deal with the baggage) So knowing that info made me feel a little better. I'm still hurt by it... but everything in our relationship has been going awesome. He texts me all day/calls when he can. We have a great sex life and we spend every weekend together. So why would he be flirting with this chick who has all the baggage that he says he doesn't want? Is this just harmless talk? What do I do? Help please! I think I may be worrying too much... I do talk to guys but I don't feel like I'm flirting with them necessarily!

I think I may have been worrying for nothing.. Today he called me to ask if I was interested in going with him to Mexico for 7 days in March! :-) He said it would be my Valentine/Birthday gift all in one! I have never ever had anyone do something
so nice for me before! I am so thankful and this definitely wiped away any worry or insecurity that I had! I think he is definitely not bored of me if he is taking us on a trip like that!


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  • It's harmless. Simply let him know that you don't like him flirting with other girls(weather he was or wasn't).If it continues (especially after your talk and behind your back) it may be other issues. But overall it doesn't mean anything, don't worry trust your partner. With that said you shouldn't be invading his personal privacy.


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  • he's bored.

    • I don't know if I agree because he seems pretty attentive to me so this is why this behavior by him is so out of the ordinary. He freaks out if I don't answer or text him back right away.

    • sounds like a double standard

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