A question to all girls in their early to mid 20's?

Would you date a guy who's aged 17-19?

I need more answers, please! T^T


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  • I guess if you just happen to really like a guy that's in that age group then you'll probably want to date him as well lol. I don't think it happens often though because a girl who's in her mid 20's for the most part is more mature than a teenage guy so unless the guy's really mature & have lotta things in common with the girl idt they'll actually end up dating; after all there are plenty of guys in their mid 20's lol.


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  • when I was that ages - I did:)

    • Wow really?! :o

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    • Sorry... what?

    • it is always never mind about age if you want just play sex and go ahead. but if you build some plans for a future life - its nessesary think twice getting a partner cause life is long and everything is important as well as age

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