Date my friend's best friend or wait until it could be too late?

So me and my boyfriend just broke up like a week ago. It was totally mutual as we just got sick of each other and realized that it wasn't really working. But the thing is I've become best friends with one of his close friends and I think I really like him now. My ex leaves for college in July but me and the other guy start uni next week and I'm scared that if I leave it he will find another girl and forget about me and I really don't want that. I have told him that I like him but I was in a drunken state at the time, though it wasn't awkward in the morning and I know that he flirts with me because he I always teasing me about my height (I'm short) though my two friends are shorter than me and never get teased he is also always punching, pinching and bumping me to get close...

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any way should I go out with my best friend but risk my ex's feelings and their friend ship or just forget about the whole thing until July until he goes...



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  • No, you shouldn't risk their friendship. Dating one of your ex's close friends could hurt his feelings no matter how you both felt about your relationship when you broke up. If this happens it will put stress on their friendship and, in turn, would also put stress on the fledgling dating relationship and potentially doom it before it has a chance to blossom into anything real. If this guy would forget about you so easily and move onto other girls, he makes commitments far too easily as well. You would be better served to wait until he grows up a little and spare yourself the heartache of when he gets tired of the familiar and wants the excitement of something new again. Either way you would be avoiding heartache by waiting.


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  • Listen, one friend must be happy for his friend if he is well, let it be happen by the ex-girlfriend, but how many ...friends you're going to change yet?;)