Great date last Thursday, said we'd hang again, haven't heard from him....should I send a text?

Hey guys,

I had a really nice first date last Thursday. The guy was really gentlemanly, held doors for me, paid for my drinks, and kissed me on the cheek when we parted ways. He asked if I'd like to get drinks again soon and I said "sure, you have my number." He seemed excited when he said bye, being like "Bye Jane". But I haven't heard from him. Should I send a text, or wait it out and figure he's not interested?

Welp. I ended up texting him and guess what? No answer! Why don't I ever just go with my gut?


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  • Do you want to see him again?

    Do you miss him in a " Oh he is really intresting! I'd love to meet him agian"-way?

    Do you find him attractive in any sort of way?

    Does he fit your mold?

    If 3 of these questions are answered with "Yes" Then send a text! Maybe he is feeling the same about it? going all " Why hasn't she texted/called me? Oh my what if she didn't like me? Oh god did I do something wrong? it was the tie. It must have been the tie!" ( yes some guys actually worry like this too ladies. )

    So my guess would be yes. send a text! Tell him you enjoyed his company and wondered if he is free some day soon!

    • Yeah, you're probably right. I guess I have low self-esteem (and maybe he does too). I just know every time that I've sent a message and haven't gotten a response it's been really defeating.

      Then you hear all this stuff about "if he really likes you, he'll get in touch". It puts your head in a tizzy...

    • The stuff about " He'll get in touch" is all fairy tale disneyland-mainstream stuff. Break the mold, Miss. Listen to your own voice and your own soul. Not what you "heard"

      Do what you want, not what others want you to believe.

      Good luck! :)

    • meh, I think I'm gonna wait after all. I think if he has the confidence to open doors for me, pay for me, and kiss me on the cheek when I leave, then he has the confidence to send a simple little text. it's day 5, so I don't know if he's gonna get in touch...

  • Don't worry he's proably playing that hard to get game as he's learned that being too open to girls will leave them unattracted to you. Just don't seem phased by it and let him text you now. If he thinks you've moved on , he'll come back like a dog chasing a bone. You've already shown that you're interested by initiating texts ( which LOTS of girls DON"T do) so if he doesn't text back then move on cos he was playing childish games.


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