Do I go ahead and text him or wait?

So I met this guy back on new years eve at a party, and he wanted to chill with me. So we chilled one day back in early January and it was fun and everything. And then afterward I never heard from him again, I texted him twice and he didn't reply. Well this past weekend I saw him at a party and he came up to me and was like I didn't text you back because my dad's been in the hospital with appendicitis. So, the next morning (Sunday) he texted me and asked me to hang out. So, we hung out yesterday for like an hour because he had to go pick up his mom. He had mentioned when we were texting before I went over to his house that he wanted to hang out another day as well. After I left his house, I haven't heard from his since. This was yesterday that we hung out and I haven't talked to him today either. Should I text him or wait for him to text me again?


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  • well if it was only yesterday then just wait.. you don't have to see him every single day. give it some time..

    • yeah, I know. but I want to talk to him, because I want him to know I'm interested. I just don't want to seem pushy.

    • yea, so wait. let him contact you for this one and then you can initiate the next one