Text, Call, or Myspace?

Ok ladies here's the deal I met three girls at this party the other weekend, and didn't get their numbers but I did get three myspace friend requests from them. Well I like 2 of the 3 and I sent one of them a message asking her for her number and if she was free this weekend, well she gave me her number and said she was going out of town. So I waited till about 8 pm and sent her a text saying who I was and what she was doing. Well she never responded.

Normally I would just call a girl up but in todays times they all want to text instead of talk, so anyways I thought well I will just send her a message again on myspace monday asking her if she's free for friday night. So what do you think call her or myspace?

Or should I just forget her and ask that other girl for her number?


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  • then go to sent messages on ur mysapace an see if she read it

    or give ur number out an see if she calls.


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