Have you ever dated a woman out of your league?

So...have you ever dated a women out of your league? And by out of your league...I mean attending a top-10 university, graduate school, model looks, body, etc? What was it like? Did it work out? Were you very hesitant at first to get to know her? Did you think that she was going to leave you all the time?

I am asking this because I have this gorgeous and well-educated friend dating someone completely blue-collar. He always seems to make excuses to her that he is feeling too down to hang out with her or make plans or feels crappy about his predicament. I don't know why she's with him honestly, and I guess I am trying to understand both of them.


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  • Hmmm well I never consider any gal out of my leauge regardless of looks, racial ethnicity, or academic. But I did dated a gal who was far richer , its diifficult as usually when you date you both share eachother's world but when you are frm different class it does get difficult. Ur friends can't relate much. They feel timid and make you feel uncomfy. The place you hangout, the gift you buy, everything gets complicated

    But if the person is nice its all worth it.

  • "leagues" are a myth.


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