How long do I wait to call him?

he was drunk last night and said kinda some mean things to me. we were having a conversation about what we are and it ended with him saying he needs to think about it and that he'd call me then I hung up out of anger. I texted him explaining some stuff and he didn't answer. I don't want this to drag out, I more just wanna know if I'm more than a hook up, I don't want a specific answer. Should I call him tonight if I don't hear from him and figure out what's going on since he had been drinking last night, or should I wait it out and drag everything out wondering what's going on and give it till tomorrow or a few days till I call if I don't hear from him?


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  • give it a few days, it takes guys more than a day to make up their minds so just let him think about it. you don't want to force it in case it makes him want to be with you less..

    • but he had been drinking so I mostly wanna know if he meant what he said? I hate dragging things out I wanna get to the bottom of this so we can move on and not worry anymore

    • yea I totally get what you mean, if it does really bother you that much then just ask, but remember youd be pressuring him before he's ready to say anything