How do you enter the dating world?

I'm gonna be eighteen soon, and that's pretty much the 'magic number' for me.

I've been putting everything off for years, telling myself "Blah, I don't feel like it right now. I'll just wait until I'm eighteen."

But now that that time is almost here, there's a lot of crap I need to get done.

One of these things is gaining experience with the opposite sex.

I don't mean sexually, per se, but I really should try dating now, while I'm still young and have the time to experiment and figure out what, exactly, being in a non-platonic relationship is all about.

But unlike my friends and peers, I haven't been kissing boys and going on dates since sixth grade.

I have zero experience.

I don't even know where to /start/.

Sure, I've flirted before, but as soon as a guy starts sending back signals I panic and lose interest.

I'm not too worried about the /actual/ relationship part, it's more the initial stages of feeling each other out, or whatever, that makes me uneasy.

I just kind of hit a road block, and can proceed no further than flirting.


I need advice, and stories, and any information I can get off you people. xD

What takes place after flirting?

What's the difference between 'just dating' and 'being in a relationship', and how do you transition from one state to the other?


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  • Well one Relax, You have time, Just go to the mall, hang with friends at places such as the mall, parks, other places where its populated, most likely guys will make the first move on you. All you gotta do is decide which one is more interesting to you. The difference between dating and Relationships is, Dating is you just met them and your going on dates together, getting to know them, Once you decided you love this guy or think he's trust worthy and tell him you love him. when you say that to towards someone then you want to be in a relationship, that is a relationship . Just hang out with your friends more often in social places and all you gotta do is wait =D . Good luck ^_^


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