Could this be real?

I just met some guy recently online, about 1 week. And a half ago. Our conversations started out good. Well I admitted to him that I had never had a boyfriend, and a whole bunch of other stuff, it wasn't surprising that he was intrigued by that, just cause I get crazy reactions in real life from really sweet guys.

He admitted that he'd been hurt allot by his exes but didn't want to get to far into it, he only said that they rejected his love. Which I find crazy because he's super sweet.

But I guess he started dedicating songs to me, really sweet songs, it started out with one, where it says he wants be my boyfriend and a whole bunch of cute stuff he'd do with me, for me. His messages were constant, even though he has so many girls on his profile, allot people.

So I started believing that I was seriously in his mind allot, because he was on mines too.

So one night I stayed up the whole night with him, talking about, well now that I think of it, love. Wow I feel crazy. He gives me goose bumps, I can't stop thinking about him. I didn't sleep and actually had the energy to exercise that morning. I get so hungry now, yes before this I hadn't felt hungry in a very long time.

I know that I'm taking a big risk. He gave me his number already. I called, and his voice, wow his voice, is so sweet, my phone had allot of static though, so I wasn't that long with him on the phone. I got sad too, and I think I even got sick, cause I slept and woke up with a fever.

He left to for a week today. And I'm gonna miss him, I want to call him. We already decided that I'd meet him on his b-day less then two weeks. What should I do? I already know what to give him on his b-day. He's not fake, all these hot girls he knows comment him allot.

I'm so attracted to him. I've never felt like this for any other guy I've known.

I imagine so much the day I'll see him.

I'm scared that when I meet him, what I feel for him could all shatter.

I would love perspective from anyone out there, esp. If you've been through something similar. Thank you for reading this.


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  • Your under 18, you need to be careful. Its only been just about 3 weeks you two have started talking and I don't want to sound like a parent here (because I dread when other do so) but your getting really connected to a "screenname" basically. Chatting online with anyone can oddly give you these feelings, but he might precieve yours wrongly and something you may not be ready for can happen when you meet (depending of course where the meeting place is) I'm not against you talking to him and becomming friends but, I just think this is all happening too soon. If in case you do decide to go and meet him, update us and let us know how things went.


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  • I agreed! just be careful, you just never know. Don't let his sweet talk convince you that he is in love with you. Go slow on this, it will hurt less if it doesn't work out.

  • hes a guy Online.

    be careful!

    && get him a Kiss (:

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