He's friends with her after she called me a wh***!

my boyfriend's friend didn't like me and SHE called me a whore and that I was greasy but pretty but because of the town I lived in.

i've never met her but all his other friends love me. he bitched her

out and said they'd never talk again..

apparently they were making up today at lunch.

it kinda upsets me that he would let someone talk smack about me

and not even flinch to make up.


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  • Its a shame you feel that way.


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  • Well if they've been friends longer than the two of you have been together why should he have to choose between his girlfriend and his friend? What if she was his sister should he have to choose between you and his sis?... Just don't pay any mind to that girl or anyone else like her. At the end of the day its just someone talking sh*t about you and just that TALK now if things were to get physical between you and her that's different.