Would he think I was into him if I asked him out as friends?

I work with this guy who works in another building but he comes to our office a few times a week for meetings.
I speak to him a lot and kind of like him.
He hasn’t mentioned anything about having a girlfriend. When I asked him how his weekend was he always says he was out with the boys.
I don’t want to ask him yet, but would he think I was into him if I asked he is single? I was going to say something like “Are you seeing anyone” or “Are you in a relationship?”
If he says no, is it too soon to ask him for a drink with my friends?
As I only see him a few times a week


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  • He will think you are interested if you ask him if he is single or has a girlfriend,

    if he is single though , it won't be bad to invite him out

    if he accepts then you have a shot and something could progress.


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