HELP. Guys, what to do (say) when I mistakenly text a guy?

I've been talking to this guy for 3.5 months
During no-contact, i have always survived.

But i do miss him.
So now the case is, its been 1 week of no contact. And i break my own promise by texting him first this time. Because i wanted to say i miss him.

I only texted him "alex.." at 10pm, 2 hours ago. It was delivered.

What to say and do to camouflage my intention? So i won't look weird and desperate? Guys. Please help me. I made mistake. From guys point of view, u will see me asking for ur help to manipulate a guy. But i cannot let him know that i do miss him. You guys are on my side, so please help me. Only you guys know how men's brain work and think. Once i tell him so, he will definitely lose interest in me and will think im in his hand.

If he reply me tomorrow morning and ask me why, instead of saying i miss you, i wanna say "just wondering if did u feel offended because i didn't sing the song a bit for u? (Bcoz i was upset that time)- ok, i know this sound sooo silly. I dont have any choice to camouflage my sudden first text.


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  • If he texts you back, just tell him you were going to ask him if he had watched The Big Bang Theory series finale and the text must have not all been delivered.

    • 8 d ago

      My other plan is to suddenly say that I've ready season 4 of GOT (bcoz he is the one who motivates me very much to watch it though initially i was so reluctant and not my genre.)

      It will be very weird to talk about it suddenly.

      What do u think.

      Better suddenly talk about GOT or talk about last weeks "misunderstanding"?

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    • 8 d ago

      Ok. Why do u think so?

    • 8 d ago

      Okay2. Guys avoid and hate drama. While women tend to talk about they feel. So woman open up. When we do that, they think its drama. They will get turned off and scared as hell. 😔 ok. I will use other tppic away from the misunderstanding. Shit. I regretted what i just did.

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