Is this her being turned on?

My girlfriend and I have dated for almost a year, but last night was the first we spent time alone in bed together.
She's heavily LDS and doesn't want to have sex before marriage. But as I was kissing her, I ended up on top and she wrapped her legs around me, and she started to let out these partial gasps. Then as I kissed her neck, she started to gasp more and more, and move her hands around.
I've only experienced that while I'm having sex with a girl.
I wasn't even touching her sexually, just my hands on her back. Was that her being turned on or something?
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    • 7 d ago

      Not helping man

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    • 7 d ago

      I'm not going to have sex with her before we are married. But I still want to satisfy her. You know?

    • 7 d ago

      You know the answer.
      Replace that girl with your daughter. The answer will be clear

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