Help? does she still want to go on our date?

This cute girl i had one class with. We talked a few times then and when class ended i followed her on instagram and messaged her. We talks continuously for a few weeks only and the watched a movie together once. After that we still talked but not everyday. She sometimes doesn’t reply but i message her again after about a day or two. We talk for a few days and then we stop talking for a while and talk again and it goes on.

About a week ago we had a conversation about how she loves biking and that she goes biking on trails literally every other day. Im not a big fan of biking but i asked her if she wanted to go biking with me some time. She said “I’d like that” and she asked when. Told her we can do it on the weekends and she said ok. We still talked but in the middle of a conversation she stopped replying.. the next day she read it but didn't text back. It was a message that kind of deserved a reply i could say.

She still hasn't messaged since and i didn't either. Now i dont know if i should still message and i dont know if we’re still going out. We’re supposed to go out tomorrow afternoon. Did she change her mind? Did she meant it when she said she’d like to go out with me? Should i text her after being left on seen?
3 d ago
We talked*


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  • you could message her , see whats up


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